Operating Systems

Which operating system should I choose?

This really depends on what type of user you are — Windows or Mac. For Windows machines, the best O/S is Windows 7. We can upgrade Vista computers to Windows 7. We can also downgrade Windows 8 computers to Windows 7.

For XP, we do a new install and copy data over, documents, pictures, favorites etc. If you have a 32 bit version of Vista, we can usually redo he system from scratch in 64 bit. This requires at least 2 GB RAM. We transfer data only as it is as a new install. This costs $100. Another alternative is to load Ubuntu, a variant of Linux, as a second operating system, to load it under Windows. This is fairly easy to do but may require some finesse to get it to run on all computers. We can help you do this. Why use Ubuntu? Much less chance of getting infected by viruses or hijackers, which affect mostly Microsoft operating systems.

Ubuntu computers need at least 768 KB RAM to run efficiently. Also, having Ubuntu as a second OS will allow you online if your Microsoft OS gets hijacked. Should you upgrade from Vista to Windows 7? Sure. Why not? This cost about $100 for software and $80 in labor, or about $180 + TAX. Of course, Vista is not so bad if you update it to the latest service pack, SP2. How is Windows 7 with hijackers? It still gets viruses and hijacked. We have seen a few get trashed just like Vista and XP. It is still a good idea to add Ubuntu as a second OS on Windows 7 systems as well. Right now, it is not necessary to upgrade Vista to 7. A good time to do this is when your Vista gets completely trashed or when you need a new hard drive. This will save on labor costs.