Computer Service & Repair

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Here at Lacey Computer Co. there’s virtually no problem we can’t solve! We’re happy to come to you if you can’t make it to our store, and are available for regular on-site maintenance if you need. Have any questions? Don’t be shy, please contact us now!

Services & Repair

  • virus removal and installation of anti-virus software  (Avira, Norton, and McAfee)
  • repair of hijacked OS
  • data recovery from damaged or lost partitions
  • remove lost passwords from Windows
  • replace system boards, hard drives, video cards
  • computer upgrades
  • computer dusting
  • offsite backup storage, imaging whole hard drive (prevents you from losing all your data in case of hard drive failure or catastrophic virus infection). Will also provide inexpensive external hard drives for backups
  • laptop repair – change broken screens, batteries, power supplies, RAM upgrades or moving from 32 to 64 bit OS, or upgrading to a completely new system. As technology changes rapidly, it is usually more cost effective to upgrade to a new laptop when the MB goes.

We sell:

  • Windows 7 Systems with i7, i5, i3 or AMD processors
  • Google chromebooks, Raspberry Pi
  • XP systems
  • Kaspersky and anti-virus software
  • Spare parts, cables and computer accessories
  • Operating systems options